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Out of retirement for shameless self-promotion

I still check my fpage every day but I've barely touched my own LJ in months. I figure making money and a possible career move are some of the only understandable reasons for unabashed self-promotion, so I figured I'd take the ol' LJ out of retirement to do so.

If you know me on facebook or IRL, you've already heard me rambling endlessly about starting a business. Months ago I started buying up random, unloved pieces of furniture from Goodwill and giving them makeovers. My only motive to begin with was my own edification but my eyes are too big for my stomach and I wound up buying more furniture than I had room/use for. A coworker of mine at The Resort runs a really successful boutique four times a year and urged me to hock my wares at her next event. After some thought and prayer and lots of encouragement from friends, I decided to take the plunge.

About a month ago I took on a partner, Maria, who has a Masters in Interior Design and about a buhzillion times more experience/knowledge/resources than I do. So far the feedback we've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive and we're both ridiculously excited about the opportunity. We're building an inventory and the big "kick-off" will be the day of the boutique, August 27th. Our online store will be open, the blog will be active and we'll begin taking sales.

This could be a colossal failure. It could be an epic success. More than likely, it'll be somewhere in-between. I'm having a blast expressing the hell out of myself all over the place and the idea that I might be able to make even a meager living doing it makes me want to cry (but that could be the hormones talking).

You can find us on our facebook page, our blog and our (as of yet, unused) Twitter, if you're so inclined to find out exactly what it is we're doing. Most of the stuff is empty and will remain mostly so until we kick-off on August 27th, so there's not much to see.

Thank you very much, fpage, for obliging me this bit of ego-bolstering. I now return you to your regularly scheduled journal feed.
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